Established in 1948, Hartson-Kennedy Cabinet Top Co., Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of post formed laminate countertops in the world. In addition to producing blank countertops, we also fabricate custom countertops at all H-K locations. This puts us in a unique position, as we understand our customer’s business in a very tangible way. We seek to partner with our customers and provide solutions based on our own experience. This partnership extends to help customers increase sales in their markets through blank and custom programs and supporting them with their fabrication processes. Want to learn more about joining the H-K family? Please contact our corporate office or call the H-K sales representative in your area using our sales rep map.



Hartson-Kennedy was established in 1948 by Mr. Leo Hartson and Mr. William Kennedy. From the beginning, they realized quality and first-class service at a fair price was a recipe for customer satisfaction. Their continued insistence on maintaining the highest standards resulted in over a half century of steady growth.Our production facilities, combined with dedicated staff, enable us to produce quality postformed countertops that are unmatched in the industry. Located in Marion, Indiana; Gulfport, Mississippi; and Macon, Georgia, our three manufacturing plants are equipped with computer-controlled manufacturing technology to assure high quality and compliance with consistent dimensional standards. Hartson-Kennedy is committed to LEAN manufacturing principles both in our production processes and our corporate departments. In this way, our team members focus their efforts into adding value for our customers by maintaining and improving quality standards, minimizing waste, developing our people, and utilizing their ideas to the fullest. These principles result in professional quality countertops and the highest level of customer satisfaction.